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She has “slaughtered sparrows and the English language”, they say, and have awarded her for the “crappiest of sentences”. They are generous, “How can there be good literature if there was no bad literature?” Aw. It is like saying how can you have good mangoes unless there are bad mangoes. The...
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How many times do you edit your blog? I do it more then three times. Many times it is for silly errors of spellings, but sometimes for major changes, like replacing words or adjectives, or for replacing the sentence completely. It happens when you have written your blog in hurry. When you re read...
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Remember my erotica story inspired by famous Williamsburg coke bar Kokie’s? (Which I keep misremembering as “Kokee’s,” making it very hard to Google, but do check out "Please Snort Me" at Vice for more on it.) It’s gonna be in Best Women’s Erotica 2010! That’s all I’m gonna say about the...
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I will have details on pricing/registration soon, but for now, if you're in Minneapolis or know someone who is, please mark your calendars for August 2nd, 7 pm. I'm heading back to Minneapolis to visit friends, eat cupcakes, go to the Fringe Festival, and teach Erotica 101 that Sunday night at one...
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I couldn't be more excited to have a story coming out (ha!) in Best Gay Erotica 2010. I will never forget seeing my very first anthology inclusion, in Best Lesbian Erotica 2001, in a bookstore. I teared up. It was very exciting. Almost ten years later, I am still trying to push myself as an...
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Some great news this morning as my haiku describing the whole of Shakespeare in just three lines (yes! It can be done ...) can be found at the Ink, Sweat and Tears webzine today - enjoy! Talking of poems, here's this morning's meditation: Meditation 101 The Valley of Acaciais hot with intermingled...