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Can you grow Japanese Black Trifele Tomatoes in Africa? The question was posed to me in a commentary by Sharon Walling and it brings up another question:  Why do I publicly announce I am a Master Gardener?  If anyone is concerned that I'm mucking up the blog-o-sphere by creating another blog entry...
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I have discovered something wonderful from the response to my toilet blog: the world of the bathroom is much larger than I ever realized. All these years I have been sitting there thinking I leaned pretty much all I needed to know about the toilet when I was two or three years old. What a fool I...
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Dear RR authors-- I'm sure you are familiar with Eric Nichol's quirky, hilarious rap from Alaska. He is looking for an agent to represent his current project, "Steel Stonehenge." My agent does not work with his genre, which falls more in the science fiction category (and then some)....