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At a private party celebrating his birthday, friends, former teammates, and luminaries paid tribute to Henry Aaron, who turned 80 on Wednesday. His tribute continued, when he spoke as part of the Living Portrait Series at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. In addition, a painting...
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Attorney General Eric Holder announced last week that he will ease off on some of the outrageously punitive components of the federal criminal justice system, and that’s an excellent move in the right direction. But it won’t help people like Atiba Parker who are lost in the vastness of state Gulags...
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A close friend of mine sent this to me. Very interesting . . . The next Democratic Party dream ticket.   God I hope so.
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Woke feeling really trashed from yesterday's ordeal, but I rallied as the day grew on.    One of the things which raised my spirits was my phone call to BAM.  He is home from his procedure, and things don't look as bad as might be.  Robin gave me the technical name for the...
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Cool morning.    I finished off the fair stack of political advertisments from Tuesday's California Primary Election, tearing the sheets into quarters, throwing them in the waste basket.  The local results are still unclear to me.     Later, after the news, etc, I watched...
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Rain advancing on the Bay Area all day, from the north and from the south.  Really coming down now.     I was up quite early this morning, dealing with Son Guy's SSI matter, and preparing for Granddaughter Laversa's visit.  The SSI matter was easily resolved once I found a...
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President Obama has announced that he is going to have a Jobs Summit in December. For the love of God, Barack, can't you do anything without some grandstanding? You've finally come to accept the fact that joblessness is a problem - despite your claims that the stimulus has created or saved - what...
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It looks like Attorney General Eric Holder is on the verge of appointing a criminal prosecutor to investigate waterboarding, and other illegal acts that were part of the interrogation policies put in place under the Bush administration. We've heard this for awhile now, but Holder appears to...
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Friday's decision by the Justice Department that the Obama administration has the right to detain enemies during wartime, and without charging them, comes as a disappointment to those who expect carte blanche change, and especially to those who have yet learned how to read the fine print. For the...
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BEIJING, China...Dec. 9...a top-secret report prepared for China's Ministry of State Security (MSS) predicts that none of President-elect Obama's appointees will be in office at the end of his first term. They are all qiao zong huo fan," the anonymous author says, using the Chinese term for...