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PONTINS  I hate Pontins. I mean, have you ever met anyone who liked Pontins Holiday Camps? It’s more like two weeks on the set of The Great Escape than a sodding holiday. I was only fifteen and, despite the fact that I was the future king of underground hippy culture, God’s imminent gift to...
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The Republican strategy for 2012 seems simple enough. It's a numbers game. They plan to flood the market. Set up an all- you- can- eat candidate buffet. If you don't like the potential nominee in front of you, try the next steam table. An appetizing aspirant is bound to bubble up. Or not. But...
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It may seem strange to write a post for a blog on books, writing, and media regarding rock music of the 'seventies, but bear with me. Music back then was more than entertainment, more than a magnetism to attract dopers - even more than political posturing - you know, antiwar and all that. It was a...