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I was talking to the author Scott Turow the other day—oh, did I just drop a name? I can drop more. On the same day I spoke to Dave Barry, Michelle Kaufman, Laura Barry, Eric Brandt, Deborah Warren, Elaine Petrocelli, and Beyoncé. Beyoncé says “hi.” Scott mentioned that it was Rosh Hashana—the...
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The other day former male supermodel Yogi Cameron Alborzian visited HarperOne. He was there to meet with Eric Brandt, the editor of his forthcoming book, The Guru In You, and to be shot by videologist Abby Berendt (in the film sense of the verb). Before Cameron’s visit, the last time I was in the...
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Religion has a sex problem. Here’s the thing—all the world’s major religions say God is a guy, or if there is more than one God, then the Alpha-God is male. Oh sure, theologians and religious leaders can claim this god-talk is metaphorical, but the boy’s club mentality doesn’t stop with the divine...