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  Barnes and Noble to announce new type of eReader May 24th So while the Nook Color has been the “sleeper cell” in the tablet wars, it appears that Barns and Noble has yet another tablet up its sleeve. There are a few different paths that BN could follow here; like a Nook 2, with a nice high-...
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This is the kind of thing that wakes me up at 3AM. I am still struggling to find the "Kilt a Bar" joke.
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I have outstanding news! SMASHWORDS just signed an eBook distribution deal with ScrollMotion to help distribute virtual eProduct through a variety of Apps including Apple, Android, HP Web OS, and Windows Phone7. This opportunity will be great for eBooks in the SMASHWORDS Premium Library including...
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Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History is now an eBook.  My work can be purchased for use with a KINDLE, with a NOOK,  or with any eReader on the market. Smashwords will be the primary distributor. It’s a brand new chapter in the journey of my paperback. The endless possibilities are compelling....
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Your Best E-Reader May Be No E-Reader By Harry McCracken   Philip Nealey / Photodisc / Getty Images I have a lifelong friend — let's call her Mom — who used to sneer at the very notion of e-books. Then she got an Amazon.com Kindle as a gift and sheepishly discovered that she adored it. But...
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The idea for a book can come upon you suddenly. Not too long ago, I was driving home after a long, boring day in an Executive Team meeting, where a pricey consultant had held forth for hours on his so-called leadership theories. As I turned onto my street, a squirrel darted across the road in front...
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    Publishers take note: the iPad is altering the very concept of a 'book' If the success of Amazon's Kindle has made print publishers relax, they're in for a nasty surprise by John Naughton One of the glories of our print culture is the Economist, a magazine that combines eccentric,...
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Is Your E-Book Reading Up On You? by Martin Kaste Enlarge Mark Lennihan/AP Emily Fernandez, holding her daughter Bethany, uses her Nook e-reader to browse some books at a Barnes & Noble in Hackensack, N.J. Privacy advocates are concerned about the data that manufacturers may be able to collect...
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Barnes & Noble Reveals $249 Color NookBy Jason Boog on October 26, 2010 4:17 PM Today Barnes & Noble unveiled $249 Nook Color, an eReader with a 7-inch color touch display and the ability to play video. It will run on the Google Android platform and will ship “on or around November 19th.”...
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I've been mulling over the idea of ereaders for several months, weighing pros and cons and coming up about 50-50, until today. Book buying isn't usually an issue for me. I've always been fairly content to buy used paperbacks from secondhand stores, library stores and trade stacks of books...