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Dear Ocean, I was so sorry to hear about the accident. My heart goes out to you and your family members. I've been hearing how awful your first medical team has been, so I’m glad you got a second opinion to make sure you get the care you need. How can I help? I can write letters to people who know...
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The President may have wrestled Afghanistan and Iraq to shaky standoffs but the newest skirmish in the heads- up display of Air Force One shows him losing the third Gulf war and losing bad. Taking shots from both sides- from both sides. Republicans are yelling at Obama for holding BP responsible...
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Some of the most important positive environmental impacts can be made when a whole lot of people do the right things.  These individual actions separately may seem small and insignificant, but together are great. For example, stop drinking bottled water.  The amount of plastic created and wasted in...
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Got to admit, didn't find the Icelandic volcano spewing its guts over the last couple of weeks very upsetting. Of course, if you were one of the thousands forced to get up close and personal with airport terminal linoleum for days on end, I heartily apologize, but encourage you to consider it a...
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I think I remember Odetta was there.  I’m sure we were singing “We Shall Overcome” because we sang it in our sleep.  Possibly Pete Seeger was there, maybe Baez, probably not Dylan.  But WE were there, and the same energy we brought to the civil rights movement, to end the war, to empower women, we...
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“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.”John Muir  On this earth day let us give thanks to our over-burdened mother. Let us breathe deeply of the perfume of her blossoms and allow our eyes to be bathed in her unending beauty. Let us refresh and...
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Just decorated my desk with the dream lizard, Kokopelli, the Skull of the Muse and the inner critic fetish. Now I can write.
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I was thinking about blogs I could write that would be helpful, and harkened back to the "write what you know" mantra.  Since I deal with environmental issues everyday, and many are not of common knowledge, I thought I could share this wisdom. My first tip has to do with toilets (I know,...
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As a near Luddite, I can see the need for doing things in a more natural and less damaging manner, but that does not apply to all technology. For instance, how many Luddites, near Luddites (excluding me) and greenies would be willing to give up their cell phones or not get a new computer every...
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Every year as the excitement for the NCAA basketball wars heats up, so too, does the push for fun and funding at Sierra Nevada Journeys, an environmental camp near Lake Tahoe. My daughter B is currently Director of Community Partnerships at SNJ, having moved up through many different...