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Madagascar -- The Great Green Jewel of an island off the southeast coast of Africa. With a population of 18.5 million people, a rain forest 80% denuded, a per capita income of one dollar a day, this country faces tremendous struggles. And with 70% of its flora and fauna endemic -- existing nowhere...
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Just posted this week's essay, "Saving Science," on The Archdruid Report.
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"The Tipping Point," Bill McKibben's post on climate change, is concise, urgent, and entirely worth reading. It's at: http://e360.yale.edu/content/feature.msp?id=2012 By the way, the site where McKibben's story appears, called environment360, is an excellent compendium of environmental...
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I said I wasn't going to blog. I said, "I write children's books, novels, short stories, and magazine articles, plus a ridiculous number of emails, isn't that enough?" I said, "Who reads these things anyway? Who has time?" But, then the squirrel tried to steal my sheet. What on...
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German for "environment" / "surrounding world," coined by Jakob Johann von Uexküll (September 8, 1864 - July 25, 1944) to refer to seeing the world from a particular lifeform's p.o.v.   Here, for example, is Baron von Uexküll writing of a tick's umwelt:    ...
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The other day I ran into the term "environmental pornography," hurled in the general direction of my recent piece on the grim international environmental impacts of China's growth, "The Last Empire" (http://www.motherjones.com/news/feature/2008/01/the-last-empire.html). The...
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Renowned author and Anglophile, Bill Bryson, recently addressed the Society of American Travel Writers in Manchester, England, regaling us with jokes and tall tales. He said, "I have made a career out of being a terrible traveler."When asked what he likes about England, he said, "...
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Watching last night's Democratic debate between Sens. Obama and Clinton, I was stunned that not one question was asked about the environment. We face a burgeoning environmental crisis, one that threatens the well-being of every human on the planet, and yet most reporters (and probably by extension...
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Dear Friends, Hot news to kick off 2008: It’s the Biology, Stupid! No, you are not stupid, but the general public is and always has been when it comes to understanding eating disorders.  Unfortunately, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other food-related illnesses have been projected onto the...