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Once you embark on the spiritual path and begin to practice it regularly, there will come a time – it may be a few months or perhaps even a few years – but there will come a time when you realize nothing is as it once was and there is no going back. No going back? Why would you? Once the...
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           It was Lao Tzu who said, “The Tao does nothing but leaves nothing undone.”  Divine grace isn’t significant because it’s stunning or sensational.  God chooses the ordinary to reveal the extraordinary, the simple to confound the wise, even “the...
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Ever felt misunderstood? Unfairly attacked? Betrayed? Like you’ve been set up by someone who asks what you think about something but, when you answer, they turn on you like a pack of wolves? Such was the case most recently. Hardly a day goes by but what I get email from people who’ve read The Enoch...
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"I want to know the mind of God," said Albert Einstein. I do, too. But, for much of my adult life, knowing God...knowing mind...feeling a sense of connectedness to something grander than myself escaped me. Then, one day, something happened to me and I made a remarkable...
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Our culture has confused people, and continues to do so, in this regard. For example, what young person does not grow up expecting that there is something special they are here to do and that their greatest life challenge, or test, is to figure out what that "something" is and pursue it...