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Guest Post: Robin Donovan: Why Write a Murder Mystery? Why write a murder mystery, make it funny and choose a menopausal businesswoman as your amateur sleuth? Why not? When you start out as an English teacher with an urge to write humor and you buy into an ad agency where blogging becomes a...
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Besides writing, I do a fair amount of editing and have found that I enjoy it almost as much as I do writing. There is something about clarifying a piece of writing, while still retaining the writer's voice and intent, that is enormously satisfying. I know from experience that a writer can read...
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I  think it would be a good idea to start far back in the past because sometimes it is true that remembering is like reaching into your soul.   I must have been  just about 17 years of age when I discovered the  library at  St. Stephen’s College. It was a wonderful place cooled by stone walls and I...
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  Miss McLeod was a formidable woman whose family was very prominent and respected, who owned what was once the largest house in town, right next to the post office. The house, a huge, two-story Victorian, and the lot take up most of a city block. Miss McLeod lived at home with her parents all...