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The human mind is undergoing radical change, bringing about a psychological revolution, spiraling inward. This in turn will bring about a much needed major social change; our corrupt society, with its vast injustice, wars, brutality & violence, no longer holds valid to those of us who have...
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HAPPY VALENTINES’ DAY! You are ready for that special relationship to blossom.  You want more love and romance and in your life. Feng Shui for love, romance and passion can help to bring you your heart’s desire. The Bedroom, when enhanced with a few simple changes, will not only attract love but...
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Get to know Self, take pleasure in it . You'll find awareness creates growth. Realize this and it will enhance the way we are changing with more kindness toward earth itself.  We need to show respect to Earth; it has so much to offer: spiritually ( surrounding energies) , physically (food),...