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To use a few be- words, I'm feeling besieged and beleaguered, circumstances caused by others depending on me.  I don't feel like the king of the castle or master of my domain.   I can be the king and the master if I reduce the size of my castle or diminish my domain.   Perhaps that's...
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Weariness has returned, gnwing my joints.     It's work.  Life.  Stress.  Frustration. Bitterness. On demand, I am your servant.  You want fed?  Decisions, recommmendations, analysis?  Is there a problem that must be addressed? Home, work, pets, cars, family...
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Dear Jane, What do you mean by “endurance” and what’s wrong with it? I always thought enduring was a good thing. ------ When I am interviewed on radio or TV, I am always asked to explain what I mean by “endurance.” I use an analogy taught to me by one of my mentors, Brandon St. John, some 25 years...