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I’m spending more time than usual at my computer—turns out there are multiple matters to attend to after your book is accepted for publication. They’re taking as much time as writing the book. Half of my current writing time is spent typing lists. I’ve got mailing lists, a list of committed buyers...
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  So you know how it is when you go and hear an author read, and then afterwards you go and queue, you buy their new book and take it to them to sign? Well tonight, I had the immense pleasure of not only receiving something from Famous Author, but also handing over a copy of The White...
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We are at the end of week #1 for Write Nonfiction in November. Is your nonfiction project unfolding easily and effortlessly? Are you  learning new and useful information by reading this blog? I hope so. Today we combine a bit of information about platform building with some great tips on writing...
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Succinct title, eh? I've been struggling mightily with this post, because it discusses behavior -- and as such can be misinterpreted, or twisted, and I don't want either of those things to happen. I was put in an awkward situation the other day by a "pre-published" new author. The author...