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By Pamela Beason www.pamelabeason.com If you’re looking for a novel with some bite, look no further. I’m talking cougars (and I don’t mean middle-aged women after young studs). I’m talking coyotes and wilderness and mountains and scenery and don’t forget about a missing child. With enough animals...
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A quiz of sorts: do you have any idea what the following word might mean? 孵化  Look carefully at the components of 孵! I'll reveal the answer at the end. There are a zillion ways to lose yourself in the details of one kanji. My life is all about that, and I love it! But there's also something...
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For years, writing fiction, I found it difficult not to feel that I was rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. And yet optimism comes easily for me, if only because I long ago decided it’s a better evolutionary strategy than defeatism. Though I’ve read too much about the environment and listened...
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Endangered, the first mystery in Pamela Beason’s absorbing new series released in December 2011 by Berkley Prime Crime, focuses on the female Indiana Jonesesque protagonist Summer “Sam” Westin whose high-tech freelance job allows her to combine her love for photography and wildlife...
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I challenge you to find a ghost orchid with as many firsts as the Ghost Orchid of Blair Audubon Society Corkscrew Swamp in Naples, at the edge of the magnificent Everglades. My ghost orchid, the inspiration for my recently released mystery novel, Ghost Orchid, is the most spectacular of all ghost...