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March 7     MUD PIES   Mud pies and retro-childhood are for the hurt ones, small and angry inside me.  They require care and special attention, but I can’t stop with them.  Saving the children to starve the adolescents is a sad fate, and abandoning adults after bringing...
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My guest is best-selling author, inspirational speaker, coach and global consultant Ellen Castro. Ellen’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to non-profits to schools and individuals. She has touched millions via keynotes and media appearances. She earned her MEd...
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Soooooooo how's the energy going at the moment for ya?   Feeling a lot like you either don't know what direction you are going in but actually feel like you are waiting for something??    Hmmm well join the club!   At lot of people having that spectacular lack of clarity at the...
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My partner often asks me “what is it, exactly, that you do in your women’s group”? The simple answer is that we talk, we laugh and eat. For almost 5 years my women's  group meets on a Sunday night once a month. Each time we select a different topic for discussion, tonight we will talk about...
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  Lists of symptoms will never give us the depth of information we need to recognize the people around us who have hidden wounds from childhood sexual abuse. I think about this when I hear survivors describe themselves when they were in school D was an organizer. An average student, she...
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Not getting hired, promoted, asked to speak, invited to participate? Not getting read, funded, selected, noticed? You’re not being recognized. Here’s how you can change that. Overcome professional obscurity with digital literacy. Build your online presence with intention. Marry who you...
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October 19, 2012 Because our personal spirit urges us to celebrate the best of ourselves, it often feels uncomfortably close to be “selfish”. Spirit invites us to invest money in our creativity. It persuades us to take care of our needs. It asks us to explore our possibilities. This empowering...
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In our everyday world, we tend to like our memories neat and tidy. Friends and family often get into conversations about past events with each person laying claim to what really happened. Although each person experienced the moment from their very personal collection of feelings and through the...
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October 3, 2012 There is beauty in the mystery of our life. It calls to our curiosity. It invites us to explore. But it also asks us to be patient when we’re anxious for answers. In the landscape of our experience, we crave to know what is coming around the corner. At the very least, we want...