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  There’s an old country saying that something too good to be true is “too much sugar for a dime.” Get suspicious, because when someone is “helping” you too much, or “giving” you too much, you are likely to get fleeced in the process.   My first job in health care was in Boston and I...
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I was just beginning to catch a glimpse of the sun as the early morning flight began its ascent over Indianapolis.   It was 5:15 a.m. and I was flying to Memphis, and then on a two-hour drive to NE Mississippi to visit with family.   Let me make this clear, I am not a morning person.  Numbly making...
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A few years ago while writing a book called Blue Skies and Green Lights (to be released by Loving Healing Press next month, under the name It’s Your Choice! Decisions That Will Change Your Life) I decided to do some research.  At the time I was working for Kaiser Permanente in southern California...
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If you get a salary, then don’t look for happiness. You are so unfocussed that you probably don’t even care about the money you will get at the end of the month. Researchers at University of Toronto and Stanford University found that being paid by the hour had a greater impact on employees...
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I have volunteered for years, everything from writing policies and procedures, by-laws, job descriptions, health and safety procedures, evacuation policies. Helped build houses, fixed friends cars, do carpentry work when people got taken by contractors.  Cut lawns for people that were unable to do...
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Recently I was at the Google headquarters at Mountain View to give an Authors@Google talk (now up on You Tube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPbSw5Yo2TA)--and I have to say, I was quite charmed. The "campus" is appropriately named. Watching numerous blue-jeaned...