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Beyond Vinyl: Donald Riggio Head for the vintage store and check out the fashions. Make sure that you find a great pair of bell bottoms, colorful shirt and even a few pairs of capezios, baby dolls and even some oxford ties. Add in my favorite those great mini skirts and some chunky high heels and...
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In the Shadow of Elvis, Perils of a Ghostwriter by Rico Austin What would you do if you found out that your father or mother was a famous celebrity and the truth had been hidden from you for most of your life? What would you do if your father was someone that you admired, emulated and revered and...
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The Time: Autumn, 1958. The place: the playground of the Washington Consolidated School, Washington, Connecticut. A big crowd of kids are in a circle around two fighting boys. Jimmy Crickskin has his arm hooked around Billy Dils’ neck from behind. Jimmy’s got Billy on the ground, a leg also hooked...
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There once was a poet named Thomas Who everyone said had such promise Till he wrote that the Wasteland would turn into Graceland Which I don’t understand, to be Honest.  
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Make no mistake: I am a classy, elegant guy, and nothing says “classy” and “elegant” like having an Elvis impersonator renew your marriage at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas that has a 24-hour, drive-up wedding window. That’s precisely what my wife and I did the other day — though we did not use the...
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It may seem strange to write a post for a blog on books, writing, and media regarding rock music of the 'seventies, but bear with me. Music back then was more than entertainment, more than a magnetism to attract dopers - even more than political posturing - you know, antiwar and all that. It was a...
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The Daily Event is proud to  have Igor Yopsvoyomatsky, editor-in chief of paranoiaisfact.com, to answers readers' questions. Dear Igor, I sell souvenirs to tourists on the Staten Island Ferry and after eight years of Dubya I can't give America away. Nobody wants Statue of Liberty piggy banks, ...
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OK, "Elvis" is a little British kid, and he recently posted on YouTube that he can't make himself read Of Mice and Men. Class assignment. He's really heartfelt about not liking reading at all. Check out what he has to say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ku0ITm_MgU You're back? Traumatic, right? ...
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It’s not because I’m basking in the bosom of toy-addled family love that December 26 is one of my favorite days of the year. No, I’m at peace because the day means it’ll be about 335 days before my ears are tortured by another Christmas song. Well, to be accurate, it’ll probably be another 240 days...
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This was the poem that I wrote for my Grandmother, Foy Bragg, before she passed away from lung cancer in 2006.  Basically, this poem became her eulogy at her funeral--easily one of my best pieces. I miss her a lot. If you smoke--fucking quit already--there are people who love you and don't want to...