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Elizabeth Barrett Browning | Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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                                         On September 12, 1846, Elizabeth Barrett eloped with...
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                                                On March 6,...
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How I love books.  Let me count the ways.  And let Elizabeth Barrett Browning excuse my cheap poetic pilfering.  I love the smell of a book—the sharp scent of fresh ink pressed against crisp pages.  I love the feel of a book, its weight and clean, shiny cover.  I love to...
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Well, for one thing, I love this weather! Even though it's rainy; my yard and gardens really need the water. Plus, it's been getting down into the 50s & 60s now. As my new housemate said yesterday upon arising: "Ooh, it's sweater weather!" Yay!! I love sweater weather! I also finally have a...