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Eliot Spitzer | Eliot Spitzer

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I have been watching what has been going on for several years and it appears as if politicians and athletes are in need of an intervention.  Sex scandals, lying and cheating on their partners are the themes that appear to be what these so-called elite of our society continually engage in...
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Gender is not a two-party system, that much is clear. As with almost all such categories, you find more variation within groups than between them. Some men like football and guns, while others are into cooking and fashion—and the same goes for women. No matter how you parse it, gender is a clock...
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                                                                                   <Prologue/Ch.1>                                                                                                #                                                                For God's sake, let us sit upon...
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The Germans have a word for it—schadenfreude—joining the words for joy and harm to mean taking pleasure in someone else's misfortune. The Eliot Spitzer scandal fascinates me because it offers a veritable typology of schadenfreude. Most everyone was briefly shocked—I say, shocked—to learn of the...