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If you're having a conflict with someone, it's important to de-escalate so the situation doesn't escalate.   I was having a problem with an escalator. It wasn't escalating. I tried to de-escalate. I tried. But didn't get anywhere.   I considered taking the elevator. But decided not to....
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In an elevator--a lift--one of those tiny Paris ones, generally an afterthought, that rise five floors, surrounded by the original spiral stairwell, carpeted in red.  Five floors, not six, because the sixth floor is the level of the maid's rooms (cupboards, rather), reached by service stairs....
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This is an excerpt from my autobiography entitled: From Walco To Tokyo The headline in the local newspaper read: Local Teen Jumps Down Elevator Shaft, Tries To Commit Suicide . . . I didn’t jump, it was just a misstep. Let me clear up the whole story for you. I was talking to Steve Elrod when I...
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The doors shut me in the elevator. I can’t reach any of the buttons. To get into the elevator, I hoisted myself up onto the ash can that was about as high as my waist and I felt the rim of it dig into my little almost-four-year-old knees so I could poke the call button. I wanted really bad to make...