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April 8   CONSERVATION OF LOVE     Love does not diminish.  It recycles like the rain, ever in transition and transmission.  Love is not salvationary or redemptive.  Nor do I believe it to be the currency of Godliness.  Love is an element like cobalt or gold, it...
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the damp dark floorcreepers come out of earsof stonein the haystack a pin is founda thorn from a flowerthat once wasshrivelled in the heat and the coldof mountain sun and mountain snowweathered limbs leathered limbsstiffen like rigor mortislogs of woodlight upthe damp dark floor~FV
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FIRE  Many images come to mind. Initially you'd think of burning, risk, pain, maybe even death. But that's only one element of fire...the physical kind. When mankind first discovered fire it was revered like a god. These days we use it to cook, sterilize, warm up, etc but I'd like to talk about...
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You won’t find hanging dream catchers or truth-telling crystals hanging in or around my home or on my car’s rearview mirror. The many philosophies of astrology and signs of the zodiac, while very interesting, don’t really dictate my life path or influence it to any extreme as it may for some....
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‘ You have tried to find me in little triangles of space, from where I breathe fire into your wants. All along you tried to see what kind of flattened square I made, not knowing that I am all that is stable like the earth you stand on. You never wanted me to be a circle around you but you tried to...
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It is a simple boat, with a wooden bottom, in the shape of a cradle, surrounded in royal blue trim and a bit of gold glitter. A great Oak grows out of the center, reaching its limbs out to the universe. As the boat floats effortlessly along the ocean, the waters shimmer, like dancing angels. They...
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Well, so much for giving blogging serious attention ... But I have been writing!!!  Some of you may have already checked out my website about Earth Horoscopes. If you haven't here's an article I recently wrote:  http://www.themodernpagan.net/?p=543  If you believe in our connection...
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From Diane: When I posted (ad nauseum) about my outline process recently, friend and fellow author, Therese Fowler, piped in to say that she never outlines. I thought it would be fun to hear how Therese works so well without a net. I've read Souvenir--a poignant and beautifully crafted story--and...