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Eid | Eid

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I spent the morning practicing with the camera and then waiting for my ride to Dalia’s for rehearsal. Two actresses were picking me up, but they had never really been out of their neighborhood and so got very lost. They finally arrived to get me 1 hour late and then it took 2 hours to get the...
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It looked like a roomful of glass. If there is anything that I will always remember in the house of a film star it will be the sweet delicacy, sheer khorma. There was a big gathering. My uncle S had gone to wish the person, as was the custom. He had taken me along. I was quite unimpressed by the...
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I woke up as I do on any other day, determined to treat it like any other day…not days of night-old henna flakes on the sheet, of the hub of activity when the men in the house prepared to go for the namaaz and the women in the kitchen. My mother cooked like a dream…this time too she has made sheer...
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Since the terrorist began their rampage in Mumbai a week ago, I have grown sick of reading about how India stands at the verge of Hindu-Muslim "sectarian" or "religious" violence. Every British and American editorial attempts to explain why US and EU cannot act again Pakistan by...