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The pan was getting an epileptic fit on the stove when I reached it, following the trail of the stench. The water had evaporated leaving the eggs completely burnt.  This is not how boiled eggs were supposed to be. It was the first ever time I saw them like that. They are not difficult to cook....
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My cholesterol readings are high. Thing is, I love eggs! I can live on egg salad sandwiches everyday. But ever since the cholesterol warning signs lit up I had to watch my egg intake. When I am in the supermarket I literally stare at them wishing I could load a carton in my cart. All sorts of...
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  Here’s another way to get a fight started with your wife.       My wife knows that I like eggs for breakfast.   Two days ago she made me two scrambled eggs for breakfast, but I didn’t eat them.   “What’s wrong with the eggs?” she asked.   “I wanted fried eggs...
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  April 15     Chickens and Eggs     Who is more sober the early riser or the long-timer?  How do we get here and what does it mean.  It all starts with a day, which is good because this is more than we had hoped for, sometimes more than we could do.  Then it...
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There's a hell of a dairy revolution going on, isn't there?   Milk, eggs, cheese and butter options were a lot easier when I was growing up.  We had two cheeses, American and Swiss.  Velveeta made the first and you cut off a slice as needed.  Swiss was for more special...
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New year's makes us think of resolutions .... read more
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  November 26   ASSURANCES OF GULLIVER       Poor Lilliputians and my egg shaped conundrum!  At least they have the strength of their convictions when I have only pondering to share the space between my ears.  What sense could the world make if there is no one...
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When I was a boy there was a comedy duo on television called Morcambe and Wise. Eric Morcambe and Ernie Wise were the nation’s favorites, and became the very essence of Christmas. Never mind the kid in the stable, or the Queen’s speech, or even the dinner, the highlight of the day (after the...
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Beautiful skin starts with good nutrition. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains, including foods from all the basic food groups to make sure your skin gets the nutrients it needs. The most-recycled tip I hear from both my facialist and my...
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This morning a baby bird finally hatched from the nest that the mother bird made in my wreath on my back door. Animals and birds seem to have no fear around my gardens and home. This was amazing and so beautiful. When one keeps an organic and natural environment that is wildlife friendly, humans...