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effects of illness on writing | effects of illness on writing

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Many of you have met Elizabeth Lyon and have enjoyed her quick wit and openness, while an even larger number of you have used her books on writing and editing...for your own writing and for your students'.  I received this email and thought we might get something moving for Elizabeth.  About six...
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The middle-aged (in my case) Self is made up of layer upon layer of years of experiences both good and bad, of memory and love, joy and sorrow, things seen and heard and felt, places visited, people met, home and family and friends, health, illness, death, birth and everything else which makes up...
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I've been sick for a couple of weeks. I think this is phase II of the illness, or a second virus. Its a cold that makes my head crack somewhere on the inside periodically. Bodies are peculiar things, huh? I've been wanting to write, but everytime I try to think I find my mind is not focused enough...