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"We have nothing to fear but fear itself."– Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States The turmoil from recent global economic instability has spawned a media frenzy which has all but crippled the masses with fear and panic. How can we put fear behind us in these turbulent...
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It may seem curious to tie the subject of this week’s blog to leadership (leaderful or shared leadership in particular), but in fact the loss of a key person in a group, especially the one who is the “glue,” the one who bonds everyone together, can be a most devastating loss.  But here’s the most...
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My sister, Elaine Zimmerman, is a Connecticut Commissioner for Children and Families, and has been sponsoring programs on anti-bullying in the schools.  Kevin Jennings, the Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education in the United States, has been encouraging the dialogue about how to make our schools...
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     Leadership is more important today than ever before in our history.  The rapid pace of change in technology, economics and a whole host of other factors, globalization, changing social expectations, and changing demographics of the work force place greater than ever demands on leaders.       ...