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When I walked out of the library today, I suddenly felt like I used to as a kid:  amazed that for no money, they let me take out a pile of books.  It's like the thrill of stealing, without the bad juju of actual crime. While in the library, I relished the feeling of walking through...
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dear mr cummings   i know you’re as defunct as buff a lo bill and won’t be reading this letter but i have to tell you you’ve had a big influence on my life part i cularly my writing life opening me up to the wonders in puddles teaching me to be wary of ball oon men and revealing to me words within...
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What does it mean to finish a book? Finite. Das Ende. Basta. Finish. I've been thinking about that a lot. I just finished a major round of revisions on my WIP, and tomorrow, I finish my 30s. Endings have been up front and personal this week. I've decided, after much contemplation and sleepless...