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We were talking about the intersection of information and atmosphere in the short stories of the Haitian-American writer Edwidge Danticat. What kind of consciousness and expectation does the reader bring to stories “about” Haiti? The challenge for Danticat is to subvert what we thought we...
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"We are confronted with a fierce urgency of now."--Martin Luther King, Jr., from I Have A Dream The incredible world-destroying 7.0 earthquake that erased life as Haiti knew it January 12, 2010, has taken more lives than anyone is either able, prepared, or willing to count.  It is the...
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Haiti has been much on my mind lately. For the past few years, researching a new book, I've read a lot about the country. Although I'm far from an expert, still, it makes the situation all the more painful to watch now. Especially the overlooked fact that it was in dire need before the quake. I...
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Amidst the terrible images of destruction in Haiti, Edwidge Danticat reminds us of the rich literary and musical culture of her homeland in this Wall Street Journal article. Thanks to my office mate and Red Room member Carol Williams for posting this on Facebook. I leave  tomorrow morning for a 3...
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I love this Wall St. Journal article about writers sharing their processes. Maybe it’s the onset of fall, the recent time change, or the fact that Mercury was in retrograde for a while — but I’ve found that this article has really resonated with fellow writers, not only for the insider’s view into...