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I've just begun the editing process on my new book Jewels of Hera coming out from kNight Romance Publishing in October 2011.  I received an email from my editor that I've posted on my Writing Tips for Writers blog.  Man I wish I'd had this one email years ago.  Stop by and check it out and I hope...
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  Hi there. Are you here from AOL's My Daily...after reading about two little girls playing French Lady?   Here are some other personal essays from my Berkeley childhood (and adulthood, going out into the world!) you might like...   THANKSGIVING WITH MARY JANE LOVE AND HATE IN AN ELEVATOR...
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I'm almost done doing a developmental edit on a memoir. The feedback the writer had received from readers and agents was that the manuscript didn't "flow." I read the manuscript and sent it back to the writer with my suggestions, and she then sent it back to me corrected for a second...
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I once opened a can of e-book whoop-ass on Stephen King. “No interactivity, no extra benefit for readers!” I scolded the usually imaginative novelist back in the go-go days of Y2K. From my desk on New York’s Silicon Alley where I had the publishing beat at an internet industry magazine, King’s self...
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Today I have the fabulous Editor Mary Hamilton from Samhain Publishing talking about romance, historicals and new horror line led by the venerable Don D'Auria formerly of Dorchester.  She talks about what she is actively acquiring at www.GabriellaHewitt.com  
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The Four Ms. Bradwells is going into a second printing eight days before it even comes out. I would explain how this happens if I knew, but I don't. I just know it's very good news. It comes on the heels of a lovely piece yesterday which calls it "a thriller of a whodunit, a tender love story...
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