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SAVING JANE AUSTEN by Daniel Curzon (ISBN 9780930650308)   “Curzon’s Jane Austen retains her era’s viewpoint on matters public and private. Her lack of a body to which her head can be attached—and the limitations thereby forced on her—doesn’t stop her from getting back to writing. What she...
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The next four stories I have on schedule to be published by on-line and paper journals are: Doleo Ergo Sum--The Commons/Amherst; From the Truman Balcony--War, Literature, and Art/U.S. Air Force Academy; Terror, Torture, Truth--Black and White/Red Ochre Press; and One-armed Poll--The Whistling Fire/...
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The Edge is a blog examining edgy and trendsetting fiction, its place on the edge of adult and young adult, and the controversy surrounding banning books. "If you haven't gone too far, you haven't gone far enough." Read, follow, or comment on the blog here www.williamfriskey.blogspot....