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Today's the day! Edge of Black is on sale in all formats - paper, ebook and audio.  There is nothing more exciting that release day. After all the work, the labor, the pain and the joy, your story is no longer your own. It belongs to the reader. It belongs to you. Stephen King's...
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  People always ask what was my favorite book to write. And I always reply, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the one I just finished. Which stands to reason, considering I've lived, breathed and slept the story for the previous four months to a year, depending. EDGE OF BLACK, though, was the fastest...
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It's very hard to introduce a new character into a series. Honestly, that's not true. It's easy to introduce a new character into a series. The difficulty lies in bringing said new character to life, giving them a purpose, a role, a reason. Doing it seamlessly is what's so hard to pull off. There....