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This is my op-ed that appeared in today's San Francisco Chronicle: My next-door neighbor, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, should resign immediately based on his actions on the afternoon of Dec. 31 and during the legal proceedings that followed. Ross' wife, Eliana Lopez, told my wife, Ivory Madison, and at...
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Recently, in a blatant effort to get attention, I announced that I was running for mayor of San Francisco. And it’s working! Today the San Francisco Chronicle sat up and took notice, as Emmy-winning radio personality and columnist Ben Fong-Torres trumpeted my candidacy in his column Radio...
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I am a big-picture guy. I say big-picture guy because “big-picture man” sounds like a job description: The Pope: We need someone to clean the Sistine Chapel ceiling. The Pope’s Secretary: I know a guy who knows a big-picture man. You want me to send up a smoke signal? Anyhow, when I say I am a big-...
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"Then there's the guy with the beard," Obama said as he turned to Brian Wilson in the back row. "I do fear it."  He’d invited the Giants to the White House to celebrate their 2010 World Series victory, and even seldom-conforming Brian Wilson dressed appropriately in a pinstriped...