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My husband called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that his company is closing its California office at the end of October.  I think we all know what that means. I cried.  A lot.   I am frightened.  A lot. I started telling friends, although I was embarrassed.  Some of the "nice to do"...
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In her strong, throaty Russian accent, Celestine said, “Pull your pants down around your ankles, and don’t try anything stupid.” I wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes and didn’t want to drop my pants. I stood by the bed the Broz family let me use in their house for the night. “Or what,” I asked, “you...
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Help!  I Need Somebody! HELP! Said it a hundred times or more, and who hasn't?  Not for the same reason, of course,  but for the gazillon things that befall all of us during our time on this Earth.   For me, I never saw disaster coming.  I've worked hard all my life, never took a dime from my...
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If I were to pick the single-biggest issue that dampens the American spirit, damages our economy and ruins our future, it would be unemployment. Total nonfarm payroll employment declined by 125,000 in June; the unemployment rate is 9.5 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics...
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The message began ominously enough, with words no one really likes to hear directed their way. "With all due respect," it read. As a writer I am painfully aware of the imprecision of language. Meaning is not always perfectly--and often not at all--communicated by the words we choose to...
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The uncontrolled simplification of a complex system is rarely a welcome event for those people whose lives depend on the system in question.  That’s one way to summarize the impact of the waves of trouble rolling up against the sand castles we are pleased to call the world’s modern industrial...
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It’s real. It’s true. And I’m tired of it. I need a break. The economy – not good. The elections – not good. The crime rate – not good. The nuclear energy problems – not good. The increase of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, bi-polarism, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, kidney issues,...
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"If you see yourself in an emergency situation, call us for a safety net.It comes in three colors," Eurozone.
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"In an Unprecedented Display of National Consensus the Parliamentary Parties Agreed to Hold a Minute's Silence." [www.ekathimerini.com May 5, 2010]
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Hard to feel much sympathy for the Republicans and the sloppy pool of tizzy they high- dived into. Perplexed as how to combat financial regulatory legislation, they are bouncing back and forth between a filibuster and a compromise like a ping- pong ball in a stainless steel shower stall. Their...