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We've got a huge moral dilemma in this country and in the world. We want economic recovery but we have got to quit manufacturing all the junk that we don't really need. We're in a jam, it's damned if we do and damned if we don't. When we go shopping for anything that isn't biodegradable sooner than...
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Famed actress Nia Long, CNN analyst Roland Martin, and FUBU executive and Crown Holder Jay Alexander Martin shared their interpretations of "The Future of Black America" as part of the first Black Expo held in Savannah, Georgia, April 10, at the Savannah International Trade and Convention...
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Now science has just gone and gotten plain silly. Apparently, somebody is claiming to have made human sperm from stem cells. Whoopee. Big deal. Don't they know we already had human sperm? Why don't those 'scientists' go off and invent something useful like a bigger McRib sandwich. Now THAT would...
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Intimations of spring (my first in the Midwest) are everywhere. It's been amazingly warm, with passers-by in shirtsleeves. Yesterday on my walk I saw thick green clumps of narcissus and daffodil thrusting through the earth. The tips of branches that had very recently looked dead have now swollen...
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New Huffington Post publication: POOR PEOPLE HAPPIER THAN RICH PEOPLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-henry-sterry/poor-people-happier-tha...
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There they go again! A few right-wingers who want to defeat the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan now before Congress are using one of its smallest provisions, a $50 million supplemental allocation to the National Endowment for the Arts, as a dart they hope will let the air out of the bill...