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The presidential candidates are all over the map meeting up with America’s citizens to win their votes.  The citizens themselves also find travel much more a part of their lives than any other time in history. Mot very long ago, it was not unusual for someone to say when someone died that the...
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Both Obama and Mcain are hot on the campaign trail this week, addressing the country's most pressing issue, the economy. McCain, who only a week ago said the economy was fundamentally sound,  is now saying that the U.S. financial system is facing a major crisis. He was a champion of de-regulation...
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America is on the fast track to economic ruin! Our government politicians are far too concerned with financial gain and far too little concerned about the long term effects of sending our technology, manufacturing companies, and American jobs to places like China and India. I can't tell you how...
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i don't know the specific reason why i feel so conscientious about how much cash i consume these days.. l'argent, people, is occuping every single tiny aspect of our lives... i feel that at one point, i am going to starve my cat, "okay kitty, you should empathize with your fellows in the...
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Watching a recent news show with Presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton as she sat down one on one with a family Puerto Rico, I have to wonder how much of what is shown or done by any candidate is staged and preplanned. Consistently all the candidates are shown speaking one on one with voters on...
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I have a dear friend who understands the world of finance as well as I know my way around my own kitchen. For a long time, she's been sending me alarming bulletins from people who keep a close eye on banks, Wall Street and federal financial regulators. The economy has developed such an elaborate...