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  How We Read…Now I have been known to run races, short ones, do bike rides, sometimes centuries and in these efforts, the pace, the rate of accomplishment, the distance covered and the amount remaining loom over me—a perpetual cloud that drives the cadence of my effort, the inner monologue,...
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***** Great characters, great mystery, August 17, 2013 By LLona Cunningham (Las Vegas, NV United States)Amazon Verified PurchasThis review is from: Capable of Murder (A Belinda Lawrence Mystery) (Kindle Edition)  I have dragged my heels on writing a review for this one -- for a specific...
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FREE: A REMINDER**** A very enjoyable read, full of mysteries, July 28, 2013 By Vio - Amazon Verified This review is from: Capable of Murder (A Belinda Lawrence Mystery) (Kindle Edition) A very enjoyable read, that makes us want to know more about the mystery of Belinda's house . The end is...
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FREE. CAPABLE OF MURDER on Kindle.Book One in Belinda Lawrence Mystery series. 11th - 15th August 2013.‘Capable of Murder’ is a brilliant re-invention of the classic English village murder mystery. A lively young heroine pits her intellect against a cold-blooded and ruthless killer, both...
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I now have ownership of the copyright on my first two books, Daughter of Jerusalem, and The Samson Option. This is me standing by a selection of my titles, and I am doing my version of the happy dance.  Very soon I will have these two books available as ebooks on Redroom.com
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INTERVIEW. I'm indebted to Carol L. Wright from Bethlehem Writers Group for this interview. Click on INTERVIEW on this link. http://bwgwritersroundtable.com/Cheers to all Belinda Lawrence mystery fans, old and new. Brian  http://beekayvic.tripod.com 
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A WICKED DESIGN. The fifth Belinda Lawrence mystery will be published in time for Christmas. This time Belinda returns to her home town of Melbourne, Australia to solve a murder that affects her personally. This page from my website contains a short video of the various locations Belinda visits in...
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**** A fun read to any mystery buff June 8, 2013 Are you a movie fan? Do you enjoy a good mystery? If so, this is one you won't want to miss. Belinda Lawrence and Hazel Whitby find themselves up to their ears in movie making and murder when Hazel rents out some of her valuable antique silver as...
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Now you can download a FREE app or programme so you can read BELINDA LAWRENCE MYSTERIES as Kindle books on your Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC or tablet, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone. Kindle books available on millions of devices worldwide.http://tinyurl.com/d2ce4szhttp://...
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I'm watching the Murray Djokovic Wimbledon final, with Murray scratching back in the second set. I'm pulling for Murray, because I like underdogs. They just showed David Cameron, which almost makes me want to pull for Novak. And then they showed the President of Serbia. Hmm. I've just published...