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Banking on the Groundhog With the groundhog's promise of an early spring, two books designed to be released in the next month, a children's book to be out by June, and a fourth young adult mystery in the works, ALVA is definitely looking good in 2013. Me being a...
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After I wrote about the challenges of marketing literary novels (see my previous post here),  I asked if anyone knew of an author writing a literary book that’s done what Amanda Hocking, J.A. Konrath, and other eBook superstars have done. A reader on Kindleboards told me about Darcie Chan and...
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And now I am back on the face of the Earth. Can you see me there? I'm that tiny little black dot, waving at you!! Part of my absentee problem was that my wireless died. HP tech help was sad to inform me that while they knew this sudden complete & thorough disappearance of the built-in...
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Last week, I had TWO articles published at the amazing Paw Nation site--one on playtime and how to interact with your cat, and the very next day a second article. But I was on the road last Thursday at a writers conference (check out the Ebooks Helpful Links List) and somehow missed giving a shout-...
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Here's the latest news in the world of e-book self-publishing: Bestselling thriller author Barry Eisler turned down his traditional publishers $500,000 contract for two books and will instead self-publish his next novel. After a bit of prompting from his daughter, he self-published a short...