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I thought I'd shared this with you already, but it seems I haven't; well not on here anyway..... It's all about the great outdoors and I just love those long hazy summery days where lust takes over and we all get a little adventurous.... Log in to my website and read all about "Outdoor Activity"...
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Did you know that the  2010 Word of the Year was Austerity? Now that the days of summer, 2011 are fleeting by too quickly, and the fall rush of back to school ads are becoming a daily message, I am wondering what the next season will bring. More crazy weather, hurricanes, heat waves, fires,...
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         She says it’s her favorite book ever. And, lately, all my wife talks about is seeing the movie version of Eat, Pray, Love, starring Julia Roberts. So, I finally decided to check it out for myself.          I wasn’t expecting much.  I got to the first scene, however--the one where the...
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It made little sense to me why my wife would hide Eat, Pray, Love in the nightstand beside our bed. So, when I decided to see what all the fuss was about, I reasoned, “No need to buy a copy since there’s a perfectly good one in the nightstand beside our bed.”   You’d have thought I just made off...
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We went for dinner, well a light meal really.  I sat and watched as you ate; I wasn't really hungry, but you were.  We spoke as you ate and set the world to rights.  We had cake, paid and then left.  We walked and talked until we reached that central point.  I said no!  We stood among the tourists...
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It seems Elizabeth Gilbert has attracted both an enormous fan club and hate club simultaneously. I don't know about you, but if I don't like the book I'm reading, I just pass it on to someone else or donate it to the library.   Glazing through a couple of pages of Amazon.com reviews makes you...