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  December 6   MOSAIC     I couldn’t prevent this plate from shattering, so I saved all the pieces, losing none.  I laid them edge-to-edge and made a design, secured it with thin-set.  Pieces of pattern framed with grout are seen, as they never could be when this dish...
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Hurricane Isabel     A hurricane is coming. People behave as if they were members of an ant colony Industriously hauling water, batteries, duct tape, condoms, and Cheerios. Unlike the ants, they are not cooperative; The rise of the wind is commensurate with the level of greed. All the...
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                On the east coast facing east - On a west coast facing west -  It is not ocean that separates where nothing can happen but disclosure, transition, in flight or afloat, the bridging of gaps by the famished and fugitive from...
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“[1] I celebrate myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you”   There was a lake nearby where we took the canoe early that first morning about two hours after the passing of a storm in the night. The water was flat and clear as resin and we...