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The whole earth is groaning and travailing. The whole earth is responding to the wounds and callous care. The blood of the earth is flowing. It rises to the surface of the seas. Offering not life – but death. The whole earth is groaning.
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Dear Ocean, I was so sorry to hear about the accident. My heart goes out to you and your family members. I've been hearing how awful your first medical team has been, so I’m glad you got a second opinion to make sure you get the care you need. How can I help? I can write letters to people who know...
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Often times we neglect our authenticity and pose as some one other than our pure Self.  We express, grow, show ambition according to some one other than Self.  Is there shame or fear lurking in this corner?  It's breathing heavy.  Preventing us from tapping into the energies of Self Love &...
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Got to admit, didn't find the Icelandic volcano spewing its guts over the last couple of weeks very upsetting. Of course, if you were one of the thousands forced to get up close and personal with airport terminal linoleum for days on end, I heartily apologize, but encourage you to consider it a...
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Just won this book today, WINDWARD PASSAGE by Jim Nisbet at litdrift.com. Visit and register with litdrift.com. Cruise the site. You won't be disappointed.
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“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.”John Muir  On this earth day let us give thanks to our over-burdened mother. Let us breathe deeply of the perfume of her blossoms and allow our eyes to be bathed in her unending beauty. Let us refresh and...
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Every Thing Matters! by Ron Currie, Jr.   Writer friend Dave Frauenfelder loaned me this one, a novel I wouldn’t have picked - by an author I’d never heard of (with the overabundance of writers out there, such is the state of reading these days). It has much to dismay me, along the lines of my...
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Earth is the heart of our universe, pulsing with love and life at all times. We totally depend on our planet to give lavishly and unconditionally of itself for our nourishment and support. Over the years, we have fallen out of balance with our earth, causing disorder, affliction, and shortage in...
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Get to know Self, take pleasure in it . You'll find awareness creates growth. Realize this and it will enhance the way we are changing with more kindness toward earth itself.  We need to show respect to Earth; it has so much to offer: spiritually ( surrounding energies) , physically (food),...
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GRATITUDE By Mary Cook, M.A., R.A.S. WWW.MARYCOOKMA.COM    Gratitude is a baby’s hand finding home in mother’s finger Outstretched arms, when we need to cry A soft, warm puppy asleep on our lap Cold, hard rain descending upon the earth  Gratitude is the fragrance of fresh bread when we don’t...