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I'm just gonna put this right out there: I don't really much care for Amazon.com. Yes, I've bought things from their website—loads of things, over the years. Books, even. If I sat down and added up the amount of money I've spent at Amazon over the past decade or so, I'd probably have a heart...
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image via mhpbooks.com Amazon.com has its benefits, particularly for struggling writers, but is it good for the book biz in general? The UK would likely say no for the moment. It has a near-monopoly over the e-book biz in Europe at the moment, and monopolies quickly find ways to act in high-handed...
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I'm always leery of lists coming from commercial ventures like Huffpo, but the ones linked below do look interesting, and with a lot of lesser known names...and that's a good thing! huffpo Visit Bob's Web Site here, and his FB Fan Page here.
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This article linkedd below surprised me. With epub as the industry standard for e-book publishing, I had expected it to be universally used by now. Surprising to discover that pdf is used even more widely. The article gives more insights into e-publishing as well - issues all writers should mull...
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Writers, you think landing an agent or a pub contract is hard? We're learning a bit of why that's so in the article linked below. The actual nature of books is changing, and we book buyers and readers are changing our habits, too. How will this end? Everyone has an opinion these days, but no one...
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Stick out your tongue and you will get some idea of what has been happening in the book business. Ten thousand taste buds combined with various chemical reactions elsewhere in the body send taste signals to your brain. With the tsunami of e-books where traditional and self-published writers are...
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I do have a print book soon to be out (honest), with an indie publisher. I really like the publisher - we e-mail back and forth regularly, and I really like our contract terms. Still, I've been exploring other publishing avenues than the traditional, even the increasingly popular, such...
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If you’re an author, traditionally or self-published, you can now sell your ebooks on Red Room! Plus, if you’re a Premium Member participating in Red Room’s “Royalties and Relationships” programs, you’ll get to keep up to 85% of the retail price, and you’ll get connected directly to every reader...
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In an ocean of self-published titles, two questions surface: How can readers find quality e-books, and how can authors of quality e-books find readers? Before Amazon’s Kindle changed the face of electronic publishing, in 2006, 51,237 self-published titles were printed as physical books that year,...
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In the September 2012 issue of Writer's Chronicle magazine, Ronald Goldfarb updates us on the lawsuits the U.S. Justice Department has taken against five major publishers and Apple for price fixing on e-books. image via pursuitist.com   Three of the five have settled with the...