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During the mid to late 1990s, virtually all of my reading was done on the New York City subway as I commuted daily from Queens into Manhattan. As anyone who’s ridden the subway during rush hour knows, there is no such thing as personal space on a train. My fellow straphangers, bold as they were,...
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I have now had books pubished in 20 languages in 27 different countries:Perhaps I may have a book published in the 21st language in the 28th country.It's amazing the things that happen when you post free e-books on the Internet. I received this e-mail the other day about my free e-book 1001 Best...
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  The results of our Newsletter Poll are in! Thanks to everyone who participated. Here's how you answered this question: "In this troubled economy, how are you saving money on your book habit?"   It seems that the difficult economic climate has made librarians (some of our...
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Check out this recent post on Booksquare about quality control in electronic publishing — an interesting piece that raises concerns for readers and should raise concerns for publishers. I have to admit that of the few Kindle items I’ve read, I’ve had no complaints about quality — and as far as...
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Barnes & Noble has announced their answer to Amazon's Kindle.  According to fastcompany.com, B & N's Plastic Logic e-reader will have access to more than twice the titles Amazon offers.  It's supposedly a user-friendly, minimalist device, with the same closed system Amazon is using, which...
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This is a fascinating article on book publishing in the era of digitization — it deconstructs the industry, showing how the pie is divided (as writers know, it’s not so great for writers), and how this will likely change with increasing digitization; the three big waves currently hitting the...
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So, I normally think of myself as pretty (okay, very) old-fashioned. I was the last person on earth, I’m convinced, to have gotten an answering machine, and about the last to get a cell phone. (Or maybe I’m just more antisocial than old-fashioned). Nine times out of ten I’ll chose a book with pages...
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For all those who have joined the world of digital books, which is almost everyone but me, you can now order my book at Smashwords.com and get Letting Go in 9 different formats, so you can read it on any reader known to man.  Even though I need to have a book in hand to read, in an...
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On Midge's Blog: http://www.midgeraymond.com/blog/?p=715
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  We're only days away from BookExpo, which is happening in NYC this year. I always enjoy this energized book blitz where busloads of galleys or ARCs, whatever you prefer to call them, are for the taking. This year I have to be more prudent on what I snag since I have nowhere to put all the books I...