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A reminder: My NOOK con­test is still going strong. Don’t miss out on a chance to win a NOOK Sim­ple Touch. To enter, all you have to do is fol­low the blog and sign up for my newslet­ter. More details at my main blog, Terry's Place. Recently, after lis­ten­ing to the...
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THE 99-CENT EBOOK DILEMMA: ROAD TO SUCCESS OR A SUGGESTION “IT SUCKS”? When Amanda Hocking first made news earlier this year that a 26-year-old out of Austin, Minnesota, could become a millionaire by selling her books for 99 cents on Kindle, anyone with a flicker of a story hammered it out and...
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 (Posted from The Publeconomist, published 08/24/10) If you’ve never heard about AmazonEncore, now’s the time to find out. A news release in May of 2009 by Amazon corporate unveiled the company-that-sells-everything’s new business venture: a publishing house. Maybe publishing house is a bold term...