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    I'm truly fortunate in being able to keep writing and in having my work published. This Saturday, March 15, 2014, a dystopian novella of mine will be launched as an e-book. The name? We Are Strong, But We Are Fragile. It's something of a fable, a cautionary tale, set in the...
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Cover Reveal--The Girl They Sold to the Moon FOR REVIEW COPIES--NAME YOUR FORMAT AND CONTACT ME AT:  stevenson_333@msn.com Or Intrigue Publishing:  Sandra Bowman at:  sandra.bowman@intriguepublishing.com    INTRIGUE ACQUIRES NEW AUTHOR OF YA DYSTOPIAN SF NOVEL!...
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Boy, I'll tell ya. We have a thread entitled The Next Big Thing over at the AbsoluteWriter forum and it's a interesting foray into the crystal ball skill of predicting what the reading world will latch onto in 2014. We've run the gamut of everything to horror to New Adult. It is/was like...
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Most of what's being written  about new publishing opportunities has to do largely with e-books, and some about new marketing opportunities, both involving the digital world. But why not also involve the structure of writing itself?    An idea has been slowly coming to me over the...
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I'm taking a new approach to the novel I'm now writing, the one I've had on my mind for some months. I'm winging it! Just starting with the germ of the idea, not knowing how the next chapter will fall out. So far it's working, and I'm amazed! How, really, do you come to trust in the mind's...
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  It feels SO good to have others love the books I write! And to have a glowing review of (my upcoming) HUNTED makes me sit here beaming. I want my books to touch people, want them to be gripped while they read and finish wanting more, and I am so grateful when they do. The review that...
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I just got my ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) for HUNTED in the mail! It is SUCH a thrill to be able to hold a book that I put so much of myself into, and that was only words on paper--to be able to see and feel and hold an actual book! (beaming) I got so excited I wanted to share that with you! Check...
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I know it can be hard to wait until a book is released--especially when the release date gets pushed back. So, while you're waiting, why not download the FREE ebook: PinPoint: A HUNTED Bonus Short Story? Download the free bonus short story to help celebrate HUNTED.
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    It isn’t a question of if, but when. Geologists agree that eruption of the supervolcano simmering beneath Yellowstone National Park is inevitable. In his debut novel for young adults, Ashfall, author Mike Mullin paints a riveting portrayal of what such a post-catastrophe world...
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The good thing to say about this book is that I bought it about a week ago and read the whole thing in about three days.  So it (mostly) moves swiftly, or I read well and swiftly, or both. Otherwise it is very disappointing.  Not a bad read, exactly, especially for these rainy days;...