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Two years after its release, a new review of MOST OUTRAGEOUS has issued.  (You'd think I was writing for the academic press.)  Since one or two of you have resisted my previous efforts to lure your discretionary dollars, I'll try again.  WARNING:  it gives away the ending: http://troublewithcomics....
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"Remove the personal," someone recalled being advised here recently. "Readers want facts, not your life story or opinions." The same day, I received a letter from a retired professor grading down my latest book, "Most Outrageous," for two pages towards its end, set in...
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I had copies of MOST OUTRAGEOUS: THE TRIALS AND TRESPASSES OF DWAINE TINSLEY AND CHESTER THE MOLESTER sent to people I’d interviewed while researching it. One of these, who currently resides in state prison while serving a life sentence for a double homicide, has advised me that the authorities...