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    Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. Henry Fielding   The ire had festered beneath his good manners for the rest of that afternoon. When he returned, Mary was with her mother in the nursery, embroidering the letter ‘T’ upon new underlinen for identification by the...
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                                The devil, they say, looks after his own and, that same day, the answer dropped into Hupsman’s grasp like a ripened plum. After supper at the rectory, he escaped from his carping spouse...
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                              Berkeley’s fearsome aspect had suffered no change when, the following day, his friend called again and was shown into the Morning Room. He and Mary were in the conservatory, in the thick of a...
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                            Sir James Mansfield was no conventional lawyer drawing a clientèle from the aristocracy and the flower of the professions. In his sixty-fifth year, he had served two terms as Solicitor General for the...
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                            John Clark returned to the Castle with news that Hupsman had died on the last day of November. His funeral was held at Cranford on December 6th with none of his family present. His final years were...
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The Berkeley Madonna They named the child William, in memory of Mary’s Pa, and Fitzhardinge, the ancestral name of the Berkeleys after the Bristol merchant who had been the financier of Henry II and had gained honour and lands in return. In William, the butcher’s marrow was united with that of...