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For an illustration of why literary masterpieces oft do not translate to cinema, listen to this clip as audio-only; with the ...uh... highly charged, out-of-context dialogue, you'll likely have the sense that you're listening to the soundtrack from a '70s porn film. (grin) If you're not rolling...
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In the beginning there was Elvis, and Colonel Tom said:  “Let there be Hollywood. And let Elvis go to Hollywood and make mediocre musicals each three of which will make enough money to bankroll decent films like Beckett with Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton. And Elvis was temporarily enslaved...
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Since George R. R. Martin blogged about how some of his fans were actually angry at his slow pace on putting out the fifth book in the Fire & Ice series, many authors have been asking who is in charge, the author or the fan. It's seems like a simple answer. The author is in charge. The answer...
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When my cousin by marriage, Michael Vanderboegh, told me I should read Dune by Frank Herbert, I wasn't interested. There was nothing wrong with what he told me, but I could not get interested. There were too many other things going on in my life, like adjusting to being divorced with three small...
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Third time, lucky, perhaps? The first time I encountered Frank Herbert's Dune was at the tender age of about 14 or so. Back then I managed a page or two before I gave up in disgust. About a decade later I gave it another shot. It is, I'm told, one of those legendary novels You Just Absolutely Have...