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  1962 was an incredible year. Marilyn Monroe died. Rod Laver won the Grand Slam in Men's tennis. The Cuban Missile Crises had us all on our toes and three amazing cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York hosted amazing baseball teams featuring some of the greatest ballplayers that...
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On Fridays Phil Naessens Show Phil briefly recaps games one and two of the World Series and then is joined by Author Steven R. Travers who will discuss his latest book A Tale of Three Cities . To listen to the program from the site please click the link provided below. To save this program to...
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Duke Snider was cursed at an early age, “robbed of the gift of perspective,” according to Michael Shapiro in The Last Good Season. Growing up in the Los Angeles area, he was “that most envied and exalted of young men: the best ballplayer around.”             Snider’s dad worked at the Goodyear Tire...
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Though we’re in February, Baseball’s Spring Training has begun. Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History pays homage to America’s Past Time. On Monday, a Montreal duplex housing Jackie Robinson and his bride Rachel during the Summer of 1946 will be the focus of a commemoration as part of Black History...