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December 5     My Most Important Meal   Sweet potato pudding sits on the plate; I sit in my place and wield my spoon until the plate is clean.  I’m fed, my day begins.  If this is the best part of my day, life is still sweet and fine.  Time skips its way through and I...
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the other ducks were goneonly the white one remained and I wondered if they left himor if he chose to stay    PAD prompt
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Readers:  Part Two of "God Won't Let You Starve" will be posted soon.  In the meantime, I'm sharing a piece written shortly after I returned to the small community where I was raised, after an absence of almost forty years. In preface to this piece, I am obligated to let you know I am an...
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  December 18   WATER PROOF       What could water prove anyway?  I get in the water and I get wet.  I’m sure there is a theorem but a proof is highly doubtful.  Naiads dance with tridents in their hands illustrating the beauty and danger of the waves but...
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  April 2   PADUANS     The pussy willows bloom looking much like crested poultry.  The coldest part of my heart is fighting to thaw in this early spring.  Weather is not of the mind to be rushed.  Neither my hopes nor the changing calendar can persuade the warmth...
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In these less internationally volatile times, Beckett sat in Kensington Park on one of the wooden benches with the dark green flaking paint and passed mildly pornographic afternoons, checking out female tourists. Sometimes, if he was a bit flush, he might feed hash cookie crumbs to the ducks and...
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      There's no law in the U.S. against making an ass of yourself. Yet. But there are always consequences (and please don't take the noose image literally, okay?).  Gilbert Gottfried aka the voice of the AFLAC duck is the latest celebrity to go down because he crossed the...
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In which we battle maggots, seek to save donkeys who do not wish to be saved, dodge mercenaries, work on another novel, talk to the ducks, get bitten in bed, delve into German mythology, and talk to the ducks a bit more.     Click here for an excuse October 2007 CAST: Diarist – muggins...
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        Silver wind on the bay, Blue ducks whistling over the waves -- the flash of my brush.
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I think I have revived one of my ducks (see last blog entry if that doesn't make sense to you).  I met with an artist acquaintance yesterday for  three hours and it was fantastic.  Having lived with artists the last few years I was used to that particular energy around the house and then when I...