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Here's a quiz for you. What do you think this could mean? 鴨居 (かもい)     wild duck + to exist a. lame duck in politicsb. scapegoatc. type of frame in traditional Japanese architectured. beam positioned too low in a house, one that makes you have to duck By the way, 鴨 is non-Joyo....
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August 17     Go where it’s warm     The intangible rightness of cohesion is difficult to explain.  What is it that makes a group congregating into a congregation?  What makes a rag tag tousle into a home group?  It is the thing I yearn for, but dare not chase....
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  March 4     A Duck Trying to Teach a Fish to Swim       Just because you’ve been in the water doesn’t mean you know how to swim.  Just because you swim in the water doesn’t mean you can teach me how.   Floating on top and plunging your head under the...
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  August 12   WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS DUCK?     This duck looks fine sitting on the edge, the rubber face frozen in a permanent grin.  The appearance is flawless as long as it is not called to duty; no one will ever know.  Stay still.  Don’t jump.  When...
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  March 5   AND I BELIEVE YOU       “This will be easy,” says my sponsor. “Oh, yes.  Simplicity itself.  I’m sure,” I respond.  “I’ve participated in these plans before.” “We get good results,” she retorts. “I love how you pick goals, which are intellectual...
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I'm working on the synopsis for a new book, so I thought I'd share the process with you. I hope this is especially helpful to you newbie writers, as well as of interest to readers who'd like a peek behind the scenes. First, a definition: a synopsis is generally a "selling tool" to show...