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I am holding in my hands the October 2012 issue of Scientific American. The cover features a giant synaptic gap between two neurons next to the following blockbuster headline: "The Language of the Brain: how the world's most complicated machine processes and communicates information." I am...
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In some ways, we are objectively Many (i.e. separate) but are subjectively One. In some way, we are objectively One and only subjectively Many (i.e. separate). But at the end of the proverbial (thinking) day, here's what I really think:             -
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Reality - in its illusionary two-ness (duality) - gives "each" "other" credit for "this" or "that," while all along being utterly self-caused.
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Mind is Skin  Made of skin, mind thinks like skin.  It is a fact of human embryonic development that CNS [Central Nervous System], the seat of human intelligence, begins as nothing more than involution (envagination) of ectoderm.  The ectoderm enfolds onto itself (through a...
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Subject-Object duality is a vestige of our predatory nature: a life-form eyes (sees) another life-form; zooms in, focuses, attends... to see if this other life-form is fit to eat; subject-object duality is born: "I" want "it." To attend is to objectify. To objectify is to distill yourself into...
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So... Soto Zen. SO-to Zen: a collapse of S(ubject)-O(bject) dualities, i.e. a collapse of ego-mind. so-TO Zen: from mind TO no-mind. SO-TO Zen: from the mind of dualities TO S(ubject)-O(bject) collapse of no-mind. And back, of course:  from here to infinity, from the samsara of subject-object...
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I know you’ve been caught too long polishing a mirror you didn’t want to be reflected in.Been in that mirror myself, the Polisher.My slave-Slavic DNA of consciousness tells me: neither I, the slave, nor my master are what the mirror of Nonduality reflects.We both, I and my master, are free.I know...
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""There’s only one way out of prison, which is to set your jailer free." Grebenschikov (The Time, Radio Silence, 1989 CBS Records). The mind is its own hostage. Each belief, each schema, each defense is both an adaptation and a handicap. The very anchors that have helped you feel...
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Two prehistoric apes stand in the tall grass.  One points a finger in a certain direction to alert the other to a crouching tiger that is about to prey on them, as if to say: “Watch out!  Tiger!” Language developed from the behavior of finger-pointing.  Each word is an attempt to point to and to...
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Perhaps this is just a bit strange. Perhaps you should be warned about my strangeness... This is my first public blog about me. I kept a blog on a local server to play around with the format a few years ago, but I've never put anything out into the world until now. I used to post a lot in a few...